Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Clever Trickster

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←Dark Colors Set
(Neo Black,Charcoal Gray,Amber Brown,Sweet Brown)

←Fanky Colors Set
(Darkness Blue,Golden Brown,Deep Red,Vintage Wine)

←Light Colors Set
(Royal Blond,Platinum Blond,Dark Silver,Strawberry Blond)

Some colors contain other 4 colors set because It is added the new color.

◆◆◆About this Item◆◆◆

Clever Trickster
1 color/240L$
4 colors set/720L$
all 12 colors set/1440L$
modify OK, copy OK, NO transfer
[color valiation]
Neo Black,Charcoal Gray,Amber Brown,Sweet Brown,Darkness Blue,Golden Brown,Deep Red,Vintage Wine,Royal Blond,Platinum Blond,Dark Silver,Strawberry Blond(all 12 colors)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Main store renewal

Hi there.
The new main store of Find Ash is opening :D
New hair have 12 colors variation(it contains some new colors.).
There are 5 kinds of value pack.
-1.Dark 4colors Set(25%OFF)
-2.Light 4colors Set(25%OFF)
-3.Fanky 4colors Set(25%OFF)
-4.Tips 4colors Set(25%OFF)
-5.All 12colors Set(50%OFF)

First when you teleport to LM point, you can find the road to the store.
Materials of the forest are made by my favorite shop "Botanical".

This is the entrance.
Don't click the door because it does'nt contains the door script XD

Please check it out in the store :)

2nd floor is preparing now....

You can teleport from here.
Please come and see if you have time :D

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Collaboration with :sey

Hi ;) This is the article after 8 days.
I feel many writing troublesome XD
By the way,I made the collaboration item with my friend risey Arai
(is owner of ":sey").
He is a cool creator what make very awesome clothing !
He made the sculpted cap and the cap with flexi hair is made by me.
Thanks my brother ! lol

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◆◆◆About this item◆◆◆

"FA x :sey"B mesh
1 color/300L$
modify OK, copy OK, NO transfer
[color variation]
Neo Black(in brown), Amber Brown(in gold), Royal Blonde(in black)