Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trick Master

I've released new sculpted hair for unisex today:p
This is a first product in this year for me. I'd like users to view this hair from all angles.

◆◆◆Color Variation◆◆◆
Dark 4colors Set

Fanky 4colors Set

Light 4colors Set

◆◆◆About this Item◆◆◆
Trick Master
4colors Set/840L$
All 12colors Set/1680L$
modify OK, copy OK, NO transfer
This is a sculpted non flexi hair.
You can choose a color in the 12colors.
In additions, it contains 4 new colors and you can try the 4colors demo with free if you have already joined the group.

When I made this hair, I associated my hair in RL with this XD
I'm asked from people who meet first time,"Oh, did you get a perm?"many times.
I say to him or her,"No, I have a natural wave, so it's almost like having a pet I can't handle."lol

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Worker's Holiday / Lucky Bag Fair'09

The Lucky Bag Fair has started !
The contents of the lucky bags and the selling places are different from each stores. But they're very valuable for the price :)
FA Lucky Bag selling place
*What is "Lucky Bag"?*
In Japan(RL), many shops sell "Lucky Bag" in the new year.
Unlike normal business, the bag has the role of the test of luck of the year.
The contents of the bag are closed basically.
But the bag contains the element of the gamble that a buyer can expect how long it is useful, luxurious contents.

**Lucky Bag of Find Ash**
★GOLD PACK(for men)
7 types of hair / 777L$
- It contains newest item and old items.
★SILVER PACK(for men)
5 types of hair / 555L$
- It contains newest item and old items.
★BRONZE PACK(for women)
6 types of hair / 333L$
- It contains old items and free items.
//if you'd like to know the contents, please right-click the bag and look at the contentz tab:3//

* The participation stores & Update blog*
amerie's NAUGHTY
Atelier AM
Find Ash ~Find Attractive stylish hair~

*The selling place*
●amerie's NAUGHTY, Atelier AM, DENDOU, DP*yumyum, KAO SKIN&SHAPE
---> iTuTu central open space
●:sey ---> :sey main store
●Find Ash ---> Find Ash main store

*The selling terms*
January.2 ~January.11(PDT)

◆◆◆NEW ITEM◆◆◆

◆◆◆Color Variation◆◆◆
・Dark 4colors Set

・Fanky 4colors Set

・Light 4colors Set

◆◆◆About this item◆◆◆
Worker's Holiday
4colors set/750L$
All 12colors set/1500L$
NO modify, copy OK, NO transfer
This is flexi hair & sculpted hair band.
You can change 8 textures of hair band and size to touch it.
About how to use the script, please read the attached notecard.
When I made this, I build up an image of "Neo Akiba kei" in my mind.
"Neo Akiba kei" is the new cool style of Japanese Otaku. Do you know..?XD
This is my last product of 2008, so this is the compilation of the last year.
I wish your good impression to try demo:)