Thursday, February 19, 2009

Would you like to see my old works?

New store at "Happy Dispatch" has come!
You can find new items in the temporary main store at creators pavillion
and my old works in the branch at Happy Dispatch:D

You can teleport to creators pavillion to touch this TP board.

There're many nice shops by Japanese creators.
For example, ARAI, AOHARU, DP YUMYUM, GRANDMA, HANAUTA, and so on.
The other shops also have high quality items:)
When you come to here, please see around in the town and enjoy your shopping!
Of cource it's after shopping at my shop XD

Next is the TP board to Happy Dispatch.

Happy Dispatch is my favorite and famous shop from before opening of FA.
The mean of shop name is "Harakiri", "Seppuku" in Japanese.
There're a lot of elaborate animations and cute furnitures, hair, clothes, etc.
Owner hiko Nino makes his fantastic world come true:o I think.
I feel honor to invite to his select mall area.

Let come and see these sim if you interest in:p

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tired Driver

( New main store at iTuTu RR is under construction.
About Find Ash, please visit creators pavillion as the temporary main store.
LM is here.)

Hey,everyone:) I've released new items today.
It's the set of flexi hair, sculpted helmet and goggle.
The product version contains texture/resize control script.
You can change the textures & size this to touch it.

◆◆◆Color Vatiation◆◆◆
・Dark 4colors Set

・Fanky 4colors Set

・Light 4colors Set

◆◆◆About this Item◆◆◆
Tired Driver
4colors Set/900L$
All 12colors Set/1800L$
NO modify, copy OK, NO transfer
*Driver's Helmet <---(at main store)

This is single version of the helmet.
This contains 3types(wear on skull, chin, neck) of it.

*Driver's Goggle <---(at main store)

This is single version of the goggle.
This contains 3types(wear on helmet, nose, neck) of it.

I wish your good impression to check it out:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Renewal !!

Sorry for late notice X(

We're planning to start remodeling each of main stores at our SIM, Isle of Tranquility after 2-3 days.

At the beginning, I planned to do it at only my store but the plan has been changed.
Our SIM will be reborn as new 2SIM for your comfortable shopping !
The new placement will become this.

The work will be finished in March.
In the term, you can't use all LM of the stores in our SIM. But We'll put a guide to each of the temporay stores at the TP point.

About Find Ash, please visit creators pavillion as the temporary main store.
You can't purchase some of old items untill renewal open for the limit of prims, so I apologize for the inconvenience but I'll do my best for you also from now on:)

We will inform the day of opening in each of the update group and blog !
We look forward to meeting you in new SIM:) Thank you all <3

*LM of creators pavillion*

*iTuTu Update group*
(chat and click this URL.)

*FA Update blog(Engligh)*

Find Ash~Find Attractive stylish hair~
Reopa Laval