Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Normal Hair

It's a nice day... the number of our group members were over 100 persons !
I made the group gift by way of my appreciation :)
It contains 9colors(can modify).
Always thank you +*

Other 3colors are put at the main store as free items(no modify).
This is a present to visitors:D
Instead of no modify,there are 4sizes in the folder.
Please choice your best fitting size X)

Magic Mischief

◆◆◆Color variation◆◆◆
*Light 4colors Set
Dark Silver
Royal Blond
Platinum Blond
Strawberry Blond

*Fanky 4colors Set
Deep Red
Darkness Blue
Vintage Wine
Golden Brown

*Dark 4colors Set
Sweet Brown
Charcoal Gray
Neo Black
Amber Brown

◆◆◆About this item◆◆◆

Magic Mischief
1color/200L$(only the hat/80L$)
modify OK, copy OK, NO transfer

Monday, May 5, 2008

Shiny Courage

I made lady's very short hair -"Shiny Courage"- .
Yeah... it is the 4th time I make hair for female xD
Sorry,I have'nt take pictures of the color variation yetX)