store name      : FIND ASH

owner              : Reopa Laval

foundation      : 2007/08

location           : http://slurl.com/secondlife/GREED/155/105/23

update group  : secondlife:///app/group/9ddf492c-276d-9046-e839-e970e7331f17/about

I started a shop in Second Life® from 2007. Second Life® (SL) is an on-line game as a virtual world developed by Linden Lab® . Check in-world profile about me if you like.

* Nowadays I can't login well for my RL so my reply will be late, sorry *
Please read below if you have questions.

---- before contact me
●Most of your answers are in our store policy on my pics tab.
●Don't IM me with only "Hi". Send the notecard if you need reply.
●No custom order, No shop invitation please.
●I don't invite friends and for rent moreover.