Thursday, December 17, 2009

LE.LOOK! 1st year anniversary

Now the 1st anniversary event is being held at LE.LOOK!
We're happy to participate this event as the l'homme team with hair.
This hairstyle was made from the image picture.
We'd like to celebrate and thanks to the members.
Read below if you like:)

----------Yes it’s been 1 year since LE.LOOK! fashion district has raised the bar of the consumer and fashionista shopping experience.

After the 1st year of success for LE.LOOK!, we would like to present to our ever growing community a unique event as a gesture of appreciation. As a part of our 1st year celebrations we would like to give out 2 entire Avatar sets – l’homme et la femme – for our patrons for FREE. These sets are a collaborative effort between 22 of our quality designers providing you everything an avatar needs… skin, hair, shape, AO, clothes, shoes and accessories.

Starting tomorrow (15th of December) upto the 24th, we will be unveiling items each day that will complete these avatars. These Items will be displayed at the LE.LOOK! Plaza and will be available exclusively to the members of LE.LOOK! for free.

We want to thank you once again for all the support you have given LE.LOOK! that has made it such a successful venture. We hope to continue to provide you with the quality and style that you can always expect from LE.LOOK!

Happy Holidays from everyone on the LE.LOOK! Team and designers! <3

----------from LE.LOOK! blog

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jack Frost

New winter knit cap & hair for men & women from Find Ash.
The knit cap contains 12 kinds of texture x 2 types design.
Touch to change the textures / size.
Enjoy your style :)

*About group limited SALE(closed)
The group limited 50% discount SALE is until today, 2009/12/03 7:00AM (SLT).
It means the sale term is only 24 hours.
Active the group tag to get discount when you purchase.
The vendor says original price but the half of it will be paid back in a moment.
Don't miss them please. We can't support about the sale after the end of it.

The SALE was over at the scheduled time.
Thank you for coming :]

*New item for men

JackFrost /short

name : JackFrost/short
price : 300L$/a color
1200L$/6 colors set
1800L$/12 colors set
permissions : no modify , no transfer
function : 12 textures change x 2 types
touch to resize
included an extra gift
*New item for women

JackFrost /long

name : JackFrost/long
price : 300L$/a color
900L$/4 colors set
1800L$/12 colors set
permissions : no modify , no transfer
function : 12 textures change x 2 types
touch to resize
included an extra gift

Find Ash -->

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Loose Mind

New sculpted hair style for women from Find Ash.
The new men's one is introduced in the previous article.

Loose Mind

name : Loose Mind
price : 260L$/a color
780L$/4 colors set
1560L$/12 colors set
permissions : no transfer
new color : lightning rose

The hair color which the model wears in this picture is new one.
We're planning to make more new hair colors ;3

Find Ash -->

Lazy Motion

New sculpted hair style for men from Find Ash.
The ladies' one is introduced in the next article.

Lazy Motion

name : Lazy Motion
price : 260L$/a color
780L$/4 colors set
1560L$/12 colors set
permissions : no transfer


In additions, the update group members were over 2000 at last!
We send this gift as a token of our gratitude.

This stole is an arrange version of the halloween lucky board prize.
The name of the group is ~ FA Update Group ~.

Find Ash -->

Monday, October 26, 2009

Glide Crow

I've released new flexi hair style for men.
This hair isn't used sculpted prims.
You can show the all hair parts immediately.
Glide Crow

name : Glide Crow
price : 280L$/a color
840L$/6 colors set
1680L$/12 colors set
permissions : no transfer
guest model : denchu Dench
By the way, the skins in this picture are from DEN-DOU by denchu Dench.
I'm often asked about my skin and always recommend his shop.
The skins are his latest product, very high detailed ...I think.
Check them out if you like :]

Find Ash -->

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lucky Board Fair Prizes -Find Ash

Halloween Lucky Board Fair have been already started!
It's hold from 10/17 until 10/31(SLT).
This page is introduction of the prizes of Find Ash.
Other prizes are here.-->AMERIE / :SEY

All of the prizes are limited in this event.
You can check also the additional prizes after day in this page.

-----------------This event was ended already. Thank you so much for a lot of coming!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Army-C067/-D011 Line

Hi there!
We released new items as the first one since renewal opening.
They're sculpted army cap & hair, 2types included.
The short style will be suitable for men and the medium one is for unisex.



*Army-C067/-D011/cap only
Army Cap-C067/-D011

In additions, halloween lucky board fair will be hold in GREED and AMERIE from tomorrow.

We'll inform about the detail in the next notice :]

New main store-->

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Renewal Open & Gift

We've finished renewal construction just now :)
Sorry for inconvenience in the previous main store for the server issue.
Now the rag is very little in the new sim ...maybe!

New main store-->

We set a group gift as the opening memorial.
Please wait more about new items >_<

*Cover Fringe/gift
Cover Fringe -limited edition-

In additions, I've forgot to show this product in this blog XD
Resist Fringe

The opening event is in this month with :SEY and AMERIE.
Come and see if you have time! :D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Renewal & New Release

We're going to move the main store to new sim called "GREED" because of the server issue for a long time.

Please use the temporary sky store during the construction.
The work will be finished in this month maybe X)
I'll inform about it in this blog and the group notice.

In additions, 2 new items have been released.
*Eat Aspect
Eat Aspect

*Super Faker
Super Faker

Come and see if you have time!:)

Find Ash temporary main store

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Deadly Vice

Deadly Vice
J-Rock style flexi hair used sculpted prims.
Some parts of hair colors are different from half-length.
I made this imaging a loudly dressed musician..

Well, when I made this image,
I asked Elec Tone to pose for the model picture at last!
He's the owner of ElecTRo Kitty, one of the persons like a god for me XD
I can't make the shape and the aura like him by myself.

But maybe, other people in the location may thought "they're funny:o" lol

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hair Fair2009

I've forgot to write this article from now.. hehe.
The big event Hair Fair'09 has been already started!

Hair Fair is one of a charity events.
So some of the amount will be donated to "Locks of Love".
Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.

You can know more about this event in the official web site.

The sims are always full so we can't enter yet X(
But anyway this means the event is really enjoyable for a great number of people :)

My shop is unknown in a whole world of SL,
so it's honor for me to participate to HF'09 in 2 years continuation.

Find Ash released 3 new hair styles in this year.
Limited colors are for the charity donation.
Fickle Lover
Innocent Phase
Random Arc

Saturday, June 20, 2009

":SEY x FA" An-visor

This is an article for a long time again for my RL :3
I take part in recording of my senior's rock band recently.
Yesterday we record lead vocal but harmonized vocal is too difficult!;;
But anyway I'll do my best as well as I can <3
Let's enjoy music life, hehe......

Oh wow, XD In Second Life, Hair Fair'09 has come at last!
I'll introduce about it in next posting.

Now the collaboration product with :sey is sold at :sey main store.
The name is ":SEY x FA" An-visor.
Sun visor was made by risey Arai and hair was made by me.
You can change 5 textures of the visor to touch it.
All of his works are always amazing.. I really think he's genius.
Anyway check it out :)

":SEY x FA" An-visor

:sey main store

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ladies' section is now available

This is a post after a long time for me.
I didn't have time untill now for my RL X(

Ladies' hair section in the main store of Find Ash was closed,
but I've opend it with 7 new items today!

Their theme of making is fantasy and cute.
Since most of my creations were for mens, there may be few women visitors
so let's invite your girlfriends to there XD

They're sold at half price untill 5/19 AM7:00(SLT).
You can try demo in the update group.
Then check it out <3

Casual Bob POP 768 x 512
Downtown Wings POP 768 x 512
Dressed Bob POP 768 x 512
Fairy Wave 1.2 POP 768 x 512
Girly Wings POP 768 x 512
Spilited Star POP 768 x 512
Wish Star POP 768 x 512

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Material Blade

...One day I received a notecard from Kia.
Yes, the big event "Hair Fair'09" is coming soon!
Of course I accepted the invitation also in this year.
The fair will be hold from June 20. Let's look forward it untill the day:D

By the way, I've released new product today.
It's no casquette version of "Leopard Hobby" used NEW hair textures.
But it looks arrange version of "Airreal Blade"... I think XD
Anyway you'll like the textures, hehe.
Move your view closer and look from any angle.
You can try 12colors demo in the update group. Enjoy:)

Normal 6colors Set

Tips 6colors Set

Material Blade
6colors Set/1240L$
12colors Set/1680L$
modify, copy, NO transfer

Well, iTuTu Flickr group and official blog is also available now!
Feel free to take part in the group and check the blog:)
*iTuTu Flickr Group*
*iTuTu Update Blog*

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Broken Sense

Hi:) Do you have fun the tresure hunt?:3
There're many events I'd like to go to but I've gone to only iTuTu yet;;
Let's enjoy them anyway when we have time:)

By the way, I've made a new item today.
It's a set of the sculpted velor hat & hair for unisex.
At first I made it for ladies but my men's avatar also could fit XD
Then check it out and enjoy!

It's used no script, so you can't change the texture.
Instead of it, you can modify this item/size diversely.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day & Wind Series

The grand openning of iTuTu & iTuTu RR has come at last! haha!:D
I feel pleasure that was able to reach this day and I'd like to thank friends:)
I hope that many people can enjoy in our SIM.
By the way, 3 new items have been released at the same time.

*1.Dusk of Wind

Non sculpted flexi hair for unisex short style.
I aimed at calm impression to hold down the hair volume of the top.
You can appear the hair early because of no sculpted prims.

*2.Daybreak Draft

This hair is an arrange version of Dusk of Wind.
The hair of the side is knit like braids.
The nape is made longish and this style makes an active impression.

*3.Daylight Breeze

This is my first making for ladie's long style.
The hair of the side is also knit like braids.
It's used sculpted prims.

In additions, the additional tresure hunt is being held now.
You can see the prizes in the notice of ~ FA Update Group ~.
Let's come and see them when you have time:)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"FA x Uw.St" Cross Sense

Hey:) The grand opening of iTuTu & iTuTu RR is coming soon.
I can't wait the day...! hehe
Before the opening day, we've released a new special item.
It's a first collaboration of Find Ash & Uncleweb Studio.
Uncleweb Studio(=Uw.St) is also hair shop by Din Raymaker.
But he has a nice sense different from me,
so you'll be able to see the each identities in this product:)

(*Hat by Find Ash, Hair by Uncleweb Studio)
This is a set of the sculpted velor hat & wavy hair.
It contains two types -type A is arranged by Uw.St, type B is arranged by FA.
Uncleweb Studio is now under construction for renewal,
so you can find this at the new main store of Find Ash.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Renewal pre-open!

We've finished renewal of the new main store at itutu RR.
Then today is the pre-opening day of :sey and Find Ash because itutu is under construction yet. Maybe the opening day of both SIM is after April.
LM is here⇒

I was busy with construction so I was not be able to make new item but I prepared a gift for today.

Though a tail sticks to the casquette but maybe you like it XD

In additions, I've create new update group of Find Ash for convenience improvement.
~ FA Update Group ~
(chat and click this URL in-world.)

I'll inform about new releases and gift in this new group from now on.
You can receive the above-mentioned gift.
Please reenter the group if you like.