Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ladies' section is now available

This is a post after a long time for me.
I didn't have time untill now for my RL X(

Ladies' hair section in the main store of Find Ash was closed,
but I've opend it with 7 new items today!

Their theme of making is fantasy and cute.
Since most of my creations were for mens, there may be few women visitors
so let's invite your girlfriends to there XD

They're sold at half price untill 5/19 AM7:00(SLT).
You can try demo in the update group.
Then check it out <3

Casual Bob POP 768 x 512
Downtown Wings POP 768 x 512
Dressed Bob POP 768 x 512
Fairy Wave 1.2 POP 768 x 512
Girly Wings POP 768 x 512
Spilited Star POP 768 x 512
Wish Star POP 768 x 512

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