Thursday, April 23, 2009

Material Blade

...One day I received a notecard from Kia.
Yes, the big event "Hair Fair'09" is coming soon!
Of course I accepted the invitation also in this year.
The fair will be hold from June 20. Let's look forward it untill the day:D

By the way, I've released new product today.
It's no casquette version of "Leopard Hobby" used NEW hair textures.
But it looks arrange version of "Airreal Blade"... I think XD
Anyway you'll like the textures, hehe.
Move your view closer and look from any angle.
You can try 12colors demo in the update group. Enjoy:)

Normal 6colors Set

Tips 6colors Set

Material Blade
6colors Set/1240L$
12colors Set/1680L$
modify, copy, NO transfer

Well, iTuTu Flickr group and official blog is also available now!
Feel free to take part in the group and check the blog:)
*iTuTu Flickr Group*
*iTuTu Update Blog*

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