Saturday, April 4, 2009

"FA x Uw.St" Cross Sense

Hey:) The grand opening of iTuTu & iTuTu RR is coming soon.
I can't wait the day...! hehe
Before the opening day, we've released a new special item.
It's a first collaboration of Find Ash & Uncleweb Studio.
Uncleweb Studio(=Uw.St) is also hair shop by Din Raymaker.
But he has a nice sense different from me,
so you'll be able to see the each identities in this product:)

(*Hat by Find Ash, Hair by Uncleweb Studio)
This is a set of the sculpted velor hat & wavy hair.
It contains two types -type A is arranged by Uw.St, type B is arranged by FA.
Uncleweb Studio is now under construction for renewal,
so you can find this at the new main store of Find Ash.

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