Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day & Wind Series

The grand openning of iTuTu & iTuTu RR has come at last! haha!:D
I feel pleasure that was able to reach this day and I'd like to thank friends:)
I hope that many people can enjoy in our SIM.
By the way, 3 new items have been released at the same time.

*1.Dusk of Wind

Non sculpted flexi hair for unisex short style.
I aimed at calm impression to hold down the hair volume of the top.
You can appear the hair early because of no sculpted prims.

*2.Daybreak Draft

This hair is an arrange version of Dusk of Wind.
The hair of the side is knit like braids.
The nape is made longish and this style makes an active impression.

*3.Daylight Breeze

This is my first making for ladie's long style.
The hair of the side is also knit like braids.
It's used sculpted prims.

In additions, the additional tresure hunt is being held now.
You can see the prizes in the notice of ~ FA Update Group ~.
Let's come and see them when you have time:)

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