Saturday, March 21, 2009

Renewal pre-open!

We've finished renewal of the new main store at itutu RR.
Then today is the pre-opening day of :sey and Find Ash because itutu is under construction yet. Maybe the opening day of both SIM is after April.
LM is here⇒

I was busy with construction so I was not be able to make new item but I prepared a gift for today.

Though a tail sticks to the casquette but maybe you like it XD

In additions, I've create new update group of Find Ash for convenience improvement.
~ FA Update Group ~
(chat and click this URL in-world.)

I'll inform about new releases and gift in this new group from now on.
You can receive the above-mentioned gift.
Please reenter the group if you like.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Leopard Hobby & Casquette Hobby

( New main store at iTuTu RR is under construction.
About Find Ash, please visit creators pavillion as the temporary main store.
LM is here.)

Hi:) I've released 2 new items today.
I heard that "Casquette" is a word in French and means newsboy cap.
Removing the ending of a word "ette", "Casque" means a helmet in English lol
Languages are funny but interesting..I think :3
Oh, then I introduce them. Enjoy:D

*1.Casquette Hobby

This is the set of flexi hair and sculpted casquette.
Unisex medium style what used flexi prims splashed outside.
This product contains texture/resize control script.
You can change 12 textures & size this to touch it.

*2.Leopard Hobby

This is the set of flexi hair and sculpted leopard casquette.
Unisex short style what used flexi prims with mesh.
This product also contains the script.
You can change 6 textures & size this to touch it.