Saturday, June 20, 2009

":SEY x FA" An-visor

This is an article for a long time again for my RL :3
I take part in recording of my senior's rock band recently.
Yesterday we record lead vocal but harmonized vocal is too difficult!;;
But anyway I'll do my best as well as I can <3
Let's enjoy music life, hehe......

Oh wow, XD In Second Life, Hair Fair'09 has come at last!
I'll introduce about it in next posting.

Now the collaboration product with :sey is sold at :sey main store.
The name is ":SEY x FA" An-visor.
Sun visor was made by risey Arai and hair was made by me.
You can change 5 textures of the visor to touch it.
All of his works are always amazing.. I really think he's genius.
Anyway check it out :)

":SEY x FA" An-visor

:sey main store

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