Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lucky Board Fair Prizes -Find Ash

Halloween Lucky Board Fair have been already started!
It's hold from 10/17 until 10/31(SLT).
This page is introduction of the prizes of Find Ash.
Other prizes are here.-->AMERIE / :SEY

All of the prizes are limited in this event.
You can check also the additional prizes after day in this page.

-----------------This event was ended already. Thank you so much for a lot of coming!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello, i love your hair and have knowledge that many people at Simplicity's Gothic Fashion Fair have bought your hair. Be warned: Simplicity does NOT support Japanese or Asian fashion gothic or not. They have defamed and said racist things about Japan and Asia - and many of us in Second Life are boycotting the Octoberfest 2009 Gothic Fashion Fair.

Reopa Laval said...

Thanks for your notice and sorry for my late reply.
It must be one of the big SL event maybe though I don't know the fair well.
I think discrimination is sad thing.. hope that all of people enjoy Second Life.