Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Calm Gangster

Hi,I made new hair! But it's not on sale untill tomorrow 9:00PM(Japan).
I'll release this hair at the same time with the renewal open of my main store:)
This hair is reorganized version of Wild Gangster.
Please check and compare both items:) Enjoy !

◆◆◆Colors Variation◆◆◆

Normal 6colors Set

Tips 6colors Set

◆◆◆About this Item◆◆◆
Calm Gangster
1 Color/260L$
modify OK, copy OK, NO transfer

In additional news, my friend risey made tanktops
what is embroidered Find Ash logo in it!:)
This is free only a day when the main store open on.
Thanks risey !:D

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