Friday, August 29, 2008

Guilty Rave new colors

Hi:) I've put a new group limited item today.
It's 7 new colors of Guilty Rave.

Please active our group-*fs skin* & Find Ash
and left-click "Group Only" button(this is in a guide menu near the LM point.)
Then you can teleport to the sky box.
There are some group limited items there.

"FA"Guilty Rave[Cyber Green]

"FA"Guilty Rave[Grunge Pink]

"FA"Guilty Rave[Mud Brown]

"FA"Guilty Rave[Navy Blue]

"FA"Guilty Rave[Rough White]

"FA"Guilty Rave[Devilish Purple]

"FA"Guilty Rave[Twilight Ivory]

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