Thursday, December 11, 2008

Early Winter SALE

Hi:) I'm still alive XD
I've very busy in my RL, so I can't be active on November.
I became 22 years-old on November 16th <-- my birthday \(^O^)/hehe

By the way, I've released new products !
They are too many, so I notice about only "SALE" today.
I'll write about more info at another article.

*New Items*
Group limited sale is performed now.
You can get back the half price of the normal price to active your group *fs skin* & Find Ash and to purchase the new items.
! Attention !
If you purchase them as not active our group, you'll pay the normal price.
This sale term is untill December 14, 7:00AM(PDT).
New items are as follows.
-1.Soul Eater/mid

-2.Soul Eater/long

-3.only the Knit Cap

*Group limited items*
Only the group members can purchase them to active your group *fs skin* & Find Ash.
They're boxed for the script, so open the box at your home X(
-1.Knit Cap & Hair/long G limited edition

-2.Knit Cap & Hair/short

*Lucky Present*
I've put 3 lucky presents by the new items.
This contains 6 prizes and each prizes are changed in order.

Plz come and see me if you have time:D

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