Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trick Master

I've released new sculpted hair for unisex today:p
This is a first product in this year for me. I'd like users to view this hair from all angles.

◆◆◆Color Variation◆◆◆
Dark 4colors Set

Fanky 4colors Set

Light 4colors Set

◆◆◆About this Item◆◆◆
Trick Master
4colors Set/840L$
All 12colors Set/1680L$
modify OK, copy OK, NO transfer
This is a sculpted non flexi hair.
You can choose a color in the 12colors.
In additions, it contains 4 new colors and you can try the 4colors demo with free if you have already joined the group.

When I made this hair, I associated my hair in RL with this XD
I'm asked from people who meet first time,"Oh, did you get a perm?"many times.
I say to him or her,"No, I have a natural wave, so it's almost like having a pet I can't handle."lol

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