Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tired Driver

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About Find Ash, please visit creators pavillion as the temporary main store.
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Hey,everyone:) I've released new items today.
It's the set of flexi hair, sculpted helmet and goggle.
The product version contains texture/resize control script.
You can change the textures & size this to touch it.

◆◆◆Color Vatiation◆◆◆
・Dark 4colors Set

・Fanky 4colors Set

・Light 4colors Set

◆◆◆About this Item◆◆◆
Tired Driver
4colors Set/900L$
All 12colors Set/1800L$
NO modify, copy OK, NO transfer
*Driver's Helmet <---(at main store)

This is single version of the helmet.
This contains 3types(wear on skull, chin, neck) of it.

*Driver's Goggle <---(at main store)

This is single version of the goggle.
This contains 3types(wear on helmet, nose, neck) of it.

I wish your good impression to check it out:)

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